Zig Zag Railway Route Downloads

This route is a "stand-alone" Open Rails installation and can be set up to run independently of MSTS. Note: The full route and rolling stock is designed to run in Open Rails only. Running the route with the rolling stock may cause a series of error messages in MSTS. MSTS users should download the route only version.

This route has been packaged in two configurations.

See the route installation instruction for more information on how to install the route for running in Open Rails (see under the route tab above).

Zig Zag Railway Zig Zag Railway - v1.2 Full Route and Rolling Stock Content - For OR Users only.
(Updated to support new features added to OR v1.2. It is recommended that older versions of Zig Zag are removed before installing v1.2. Prev Downloads = 13893.)
118.43 MB 16421x
Zig Zag Railway Zig Zag Railway - v1.0 Route Content only - For MSTS Users only. 63.98 MB 5067x